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Resources for Writers


Looking for tips on how to improve your writing? Want to take a class, find a mentor, or just join other writers in talking about our craft? You may find these sites worth a visit:

Preditors and Editors, "a guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers," is a wonderfully comprehensive information source for both writers and readers. Search their website or sign up for their newsletters for everything from tips on writing cover letters, to ratings of publishing and review sites, to addresses of writers' organizations.

The blog Writing for Theatre and Film offers guidelines for writing scripts for theatre and film

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- SFWA's 1,500 members include most professional writers of science fiction and fantasy in North America, and many from elsewhere in the universe. Many valuable resources for writers.

Where to Publish?

The sources above provide some contact information for publishers of paper and ebooks who are actively seeking submissions, and new marketplaces are constantly cropping up. Here are a few places to start:

Barnes and Noble's self-publishing site

Amazon.com's Kindle Direct Publishing

Smashwords, one-stop e-publishing services provider and distributor

New Concepts Publishing is "the cutting edge of electronic fiction." They carry a large catalog of ebooks, and have posted clear guidelines for manuscript submissions.

Do you have a suggestion for helpful resources or exciting publishers to be added to this list? Let me know, and I'll share it here.

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