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Books have always come in many forms -- or, in twenty-first-century terminology, formats. From the serialized novels of Charles Dickens (published one chapter at a time over the course of months) to "penny dreadfuls", hardcovers, paperbacks, trade paperbacks, audiobooks, and more, the true definition of a "book" is not the physical form it takes, but the content: ideas conveyed from a writer to a reader.

The "electronic book" or "ebook" has been around since the 90s and most people are now familiar with the concept, thanks to smart phones, Kindle, Apple's iPad, and other "tablet computers." The ebook itself is the novel, poetry collection, or textbook you'd like to read; an "ebook reader" is the technology with which you read the ebook.

Below are a few links to current participants in the "ebook revolution."

Places to Read About eBook
Hardware and Software

Adobe Acrobat "Digital editions are electronic versions of books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents that can be viewed on a computer screen or PDA...." This site includes linkes to many sites that provide ebooks, for free or for purchase, in a variety of languages.

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