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A few words about the author... 

Marguerite and Mike

I began reading fantasy and science fiction in grade school, wrote my first story in junior high, and have been writing ever since. Other accomplishments over the years have included a master's degree in music (I played French Horn in the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra here in Minnesota for 25 years), a joyful marriage (see more below about a couple of our anniversary adventures), raising two children, and steady work as a freelance editor for a variety of regional and national book and magazine publishers.

If you've browsed through these pages and followed a few links, you've already learned about most of my hobbies and interests: books of all kinds, films and theater, and making the world a better place through support of such organizations as Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, and The Hunger Site.  

south coast of Savi'i, Samoa

The other major thing I love is TRAVEL! As a family, we've gone on many summer driving vacations over the years -- exploring the continental United States, visiting and camping in state and national parks and forests along the way. (I love many kinds of outdoor recreation, including hiking, backpacking, skiing, sailing, and SCUBA diving.) Our family has also been fortunate enough to visit to places like London, Edinburgh, Quebec, and Hong Kong. 

Marguerite at Point Reyes

An example of the sort of domestic travel we enjoy: at the end of May 2005, we spent three days exploring a small section of northern California. I've always loved oceans and mountains -- perhaps because they're such a change of pace from my usual Midwestern prairie surroundings. Some day we'll concentrate on exploring San Francisco itself -- this time, we drove north from the city along Hwy 1, a route which provided lots of scenic views and long stretches of beach to walk on. 

California coastal redwood


In addition to seeing the Pacific, two of my other goals for this particular trip were to walk among giant redwood trees for the first time in my life, and ride in a hot air balloon. We stopped at a couple of state and national parks in search of trees, and were not disappointed. Giant coastal redwoods are awe-inspiring, in the truest sense of the word. I had expected them to be tall, but hadn't anticipated the solemn quiet of a redwood grove. The ground is carpeted in pine needles, and the trunks of the trees are so thick and rough-textured that they soak up sound as if they were acoustical tile. And the noise of wind rustling through the treetops is a long, long way overhead.

Towering redwoods

As for hot air balloons -- what fun! The motion was smoother than an elevator, and the view was spectacular. The company we rode with, "Above the Wine Country Ballooning," kept us informed about every step of the fascinating process of flying a hot air balloon.  

Beautiful day for flying

We watched the crew unload the basket and inflate the balloon envelope (and were invited to assist if we wished) before climbing aboard for our flight. Once we were airborne, our pilot answered questions and regaled us with stories about balloon flights and the history of the sport. When we landed, we watched the deflation of the balloon and helped stow all those yards and yards of material into an amazingly compact bundle for the return drive to our launch point.

Filling the balloon Inspecting inside of balloon
Using a big fan to blow air
into the balloon
Crew inspecting inside of the envelope as balloon inflates
Inside the balloon Inside the balloon
Looking about 90 feet straight up from the basket Opening the top of the balloon to let the hot air escape after landing

Portrait in progress, Disney/MGM

In January 2005, my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a playful week at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, and had our caricature portrait drawn to commemorate the occasion.  

Miriam and Mike on Savai'i, Samoa

In January 2002, we visited our daughter, who was serving in the Peace Corps in Samoa in the South Pacific. That was an amazing trip to a beautiful country, and a wonderful chance to spend time with Miriam and explore the ocean nearby. 

corals on a barrel head reef, Fiji

In February 2000, my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip for just the two of us -- to Fiji! In addition to relaxing in our island bure (a cozy cottage) and enjoying lots of fantastic food and the company of wonderful people, I spent a lot of time below the surface of the lagoon, exploring the fantastic coral reefs.



Marguerite and Miriam, subsurface Upolu, Samoa







Well, that's enough of our family travelogue for now. Thanks for visiting, and drop by again some time!

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